She urged all countries to respect the sovereignty and called on protesters to step up their strikes despite "intimidation". The Belarusian government responded by imposing symmetrical sanctions against an undisclosed list of EU officials. [441] As of 9 September Maria Kolesnikova remains in police custody on Volodarsky St, awaiting trial. 11 фактов о ней, которые интересно узнать", "Сотрудники PandaDoc не могут получить зарплату: счета компании заблокированы", "Вечер пятницы. Several people wore Santa Claus costumes and masks. [192] The Government of the Republic of Estonia confirmed that they did not recognise the election results. [518] The whole central area (Independence Square and Palace, Hero city obelisk, etc.) Several hundred people, including many retirees and medics, gathered in Yakub Kolas Square. On the other hand, independent IT specialists claimed that the Belarusian state Internet monopoly Beltelecom and affiliated state agencies deliberately used deep packet inspection (DPI) technology or traffic shaping, and that issues with the filtering equipment used may have been the cause. [426][427] According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 633 people were detained that day, with 363 detainees placed under custody awaiting trials for administrative offenses. [668] On that same day, a statement to the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus with request to perform an investigation of the police' actions on the basis of 16 articles of Criminal Code of Belarus, including murder, torture and rape, was issued by Viktar Babaryka's electoral campaign manager, Maria Kolesnikova. Nasha Niva editor-in-chief (also wearing a jacket) disappeared during the night. Основное за 11 октября", "В воскресенье были задержаны десятки журналистов. KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A wave of COVID-19 has engulfed prisons in Belarus that are packed with people in custody for demonstrating against … Other workers were locked in the factory to stop them from walking out. [155] Lukashenko also rejected calls for fresh elections. [302] The home of opposition figure Valery Tsepkalo was raided by police. [291][292][293][294] A group of teachers organised a protest outside the headquarters of the education ministry in Minsk in relation to possible dismissals for teachers who supported opposition protests or refused to promote state ideology. [133], Numerous reports of different law violations in Belarusian prisons (severe overcrowding, beating, and outrages against prisoners, including torture) were submitted. A small group of demonstrators managed to regroup at a Christmas tree on Independence Square. The young women in the video are Russians and the renegade Belarusian flag is being confiscated by Russian riot police during a January 2021 demonstration in Moscow. Copy link. In scope of further events, Putin assured the press that Moscow will do whatever it takes to keep the currently established regime in Belarus, and to prevent the opposition from assuming power. [277] Police appeared to be less tolerant of protests, rallies and strikes, actively breaking up lines of solidarity in Minsk[278] and arresting leaders of strikes at state-owned enterprises. Начались массовые задержания участников "Марша Независимости, "Милиционер ударил женщину в Жодино, жесткие задержания в Минске", "Рядом с домом главы ЦИК Белоруссии применили светошумовую гранату", "МВД: на проспекте Победителей был произведен предупредительный выстрел из помпового ружья", "Воскресенье в Минске: тысячи людей в центре, милиция провела массовые задержания", "Более 400 задержанных в Минске, непривычный маршрут и визит в Дрозды. The friend says Krivtsov phoned him again on 11 August saying that he spent much of the day in a bar. [357][358][359] At 16:30, there were reports of "tanks" moving through the streets of Minsk (which later turned out to be several BTR-80 military vehicles). Што адбываецца ў Беларусі", "Those unwilling to follow state ideology shouldn't teach at schools, Lukashenko says", "Звольнілі супрацоўніка МЗС, які выйшаў на пікет, каб выказаць нязгоду з гвалтам міліцыі ў Беларусі", "Belarus' Mi-24 helicopter suspected of violating Lithuania's airspace", "Послу Литвы вручена нота протеста в связи с инцидентом на госгранице", "Balloons spark Lithuania-Belarus border row", "Belarus detains, questions members of opposition Coordination Council", "Member of the Council of Opposition of Belarus Dylevsky was arrested for ten days", "Belarus jails second opposition member for 10 days | The Star", "Belarus jails two opposition leaders; teachers head rally of thousands", "Belarus KGB to question Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich", "Teachers protest in face of Lukashenka's order to 'deal with' dissenters in schools", "За падтрымку пратэстоўцаў адкліканы і звольнены яшчэ адзін беларускі дыплямат", "По 20 округам Минска инициируют отзыв депутатов Палаты представителей. З панядзелка хай не крыўдуюць, "У Горадні падчас мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў", "14-ы дзень пратэстаў. ШМАТ ФОТА", "Macron offers EU mediation with Russia on Belarus crisis", "Macron, Merkel offer EU mediation for Belarus election stand-off in concert with Russia". [629][42][630], On 3 January, marches were reported across Minsk. [529] The Belarusian Fund for Cultural Solidarity was established with the purpose of providing legal, financial and psychological assistance to representatives of the Belarusian cultural community who actively express their civic position. ", "Lukashenko calls Putin as demonstrators gather once again in Belarus", "About 400 people form chain near Belarusian embassy in Moscow", "Still happening For six consecutive Saturday, thousands march in Khabarovsk in support of ousted governor", "Hundreds of Thousands March in Belarus | Voice of America – English", Massive Belarus opposition rally calls for Lukashenko's ouster, "Lukashenka Rules Out Repeat Vote As Massive Crowd Turns Out For Opposition", "NATO denies Belarus claim of military buildup, but watching situation", "Workers boo Belarus president as protests spread", "Russia says military help available for Belarus; huge protest held in Minsk", "Белорусские СМИ сообщили о задержаниях в Минске после митинга", "В инстаграме от имени бывшего белорусского премьера поддержали протестующих", "Belarus: Rival rallies as Lukashenko claims NATO deployed to border", "Russia May Have Just Gotten The Green Light To Intervene In Belarus", "CIT сообщила о грузовиках Росгвардии без опознавательных знаков, следовавших в сторону границы с Беларусью", "Лукашенко приехал на бастующий минский завод. All six correspondents were found guilty and sentenced to three days of imprisonment. The Ministry of Internal Affairs said 40 people were detained in Minsk. [156] Organizers estimated 100,000–220,000 people attended the Minsk demonstration. In the early days of the August 2020 protests in Belarus, riot police officers carried out a particularly harsh crackdown. [652] It was reported that a massive blood loss due to an open chest wound was recorded in a death certificate. It has been compared to The Emperor's New Clothes. Soon, about ten law enforcement officers in civilian clothes, including Nikolai Karpenkov, head of the Lead Department of Organized Crime Prevention, approached the café and Karpenkov personally broke a glass door with a truncheon. The security forces used rubber bullets and stun grenades and blockaded streets with barbed wire and heavy machinery, including water cannons. [382] In a meeting with his supporters in Baranavichy, Alexander Lukashenko explained that the catholic bishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz was refused entry into Belarus due to "being tasked with certain things there". [295] In the early evening, a rally was held in Independence Square in Minsk, which was addressed by some of the members of the Supreme Council session that declared Belarus an independent state in 1991. м. Working-class people from Minsk Tractor Works also joined the protest in front of the Government House in Minsk. Furthermore, it was reported that Russia admits that Lukashenko's resignation as the head of state is likely. [757], The red-and-white flag, the official flag of independent Belarus from 1991 to 1995, has been adopted by the pro-democracy opposition, becoming a powerful symbol. [82], The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)[83] reported that it would not be monitoring the 2020 election as it had not been invited to do so. Aug 9, 2020 #1 So, apparently there is a legit street war going on in many Belarusian cities right now, after blatantly rigged elections to keep Alexander Lukashenko in office. The Belarusian Association of Journalists stated that the real cause was not technical troubles, but an attempt to block information about the protests and violations of human rights. At least 155 people were arrested for supporting the strike action in Minsk, Barysaw, Brest, Hrodno, Mogilev and Novopolotsk. In the latter footage, Lukashenko was heard saying "Leave me alone," and "There is no one left there, right?". Есть раненый", "Фейки и Молотов: как прошла вторая ночь белорусских протестов", "Belarus Turned Off the Internet. [458] The first column of protesters was contained by police, who attempted once more to break crowds at their formation in residential areas. [154], On 16 August, Lukashenko's supporters were bussed into Minsk from various places across the country for a pro-Lukashenko rally, which had a much smaller turnout than the opposition demonstrations,[155] which were the largest yet. A Reuters reporter estimated a turnout of 5,000. [763][764] Anti-Lukashenko protesters have also used the current state flag of Belarus on rare occasions. [684][685], On 26 October, Anais Marin the UN human rights investigator, called on the Belarus government to "stop repressing its own people". Initially they were taken to the police office to check the documents, but later they were charged with "participation in an unauthorized mass event" and coordination of the protests. [422][423], In the evening, rescuers who helped protesters out of the water were detained as well. The body was hanging by the neck but its feet were on the ground. [745] As Georgy Saralidze, advisor to the director of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company on program policy, noted in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza that western countries had been striving to isolate Belarus away from Russia for several years. [306][307][308] At the same time, mobile internet was turned off in Minsk at the request of the authorities. But he never came home. "[756], The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on 14 August an €11 million fund to help protesters get visas and settle in Poland. [318][319] Many of the people who were dispersed from the demonstration on Independence Square continued to march through the city, singing religious songs and chanting anti-government slogans. "No one will remain anonymous even under a balaclava," it said. The government had responded to these peaceful demonstrations in a heavy-handed manner, with the use of unnecessary or excessive force by law enforcement officials. ", "Кандрусевіч у інтэрвію польскай тэлевізіі: "Ёсьць падставы меркаваць, што выбары праходзілі несумленна, "Archbishop stands by detained Belarus protesters", "Belarusan election officials say exit polls favor Lukashenko", "Yermoshina: Polls in Telegram channels are a hoax", "Глава МВД Беларуси взял ответственность за травмы попавших под раздачу", "Глава МВД Белоруссии взял ответственность за попавших под раздачу", "Protestors pack Belarus capital, Russia offers Lukashenko military help", "Мінск. [110] Authorities threw flashbangs and fired rubber bullets at the protesters at close range. Government officials claimed that the reason was a heavy denial-of-service attack originating from outside Belarus. ", "В центре Минска проходит массовый "Женский марш мира, "В Беларуси арестованы руководители PandaDoc. "I have no friends and companions left in the Coordinating Council. [555][556], On 16 October, Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya was put on the wanted lists in Belarus and Russia on charges of "attempting to overthrow the constitutional order". [71], Tikhanovsky traveled across Belarus and streamed interviews with random people on his YouTube channel Country for life (Russian: Страна для жизни, romanized: Strana dlya zhizni). Mass detentions, as well as the use of tear gas and stun grenades, continued even as protests have grown smaller this month. According to the TASS news agency, French President Emmanuel Macron also held talks with Vladimir Putin, both leaders expressing their interest in the normalisation of the situation in Belarus. The wire broke and wrapped around a bystanding woman. The largest anti-government protests in the history of Belarus, the demonstrations began in the lead-up to and during the 2020 presidential election, in which Lukashenko sought his sixth term in office. Others were held in the towns of Luninets and Staryya Darohi. On 29 July, 33 alleged mercenaries from the Wagner Group, a Russian private military company, were arrested in a sanatorium near Minsk. He planned to visit the economic forum in Warsaw, then to fly to Vilnius to speak with the Internal Ministry of Lithuania about what to do next. The strikers put forward their demands: to declare Svetlana Tikhanovskaya the president of Belarus, to release the “political prisoners” and to hold new elections. Anti-government protesters held slippers as a sign to protest against the regime. [572] The Interior Ministry of Belarus said that about 300 people were detained in Minsk and the Minsk region for breaking laws on mass gatherings. Section BBC News. Outside one subway station in central Minsk, demonstrators were met with flashbang grenades. "[208] The Belarusian central election committee said that Mr. Lukashenko would be inaugurated as president for a new term within the next two months. The licenses are strictly issued by the Belarusian government and forbid all medias from chronicling protests, demonstrations and other material deemed as "anti-governmental" by the state. Што адбываецца ў Беларусі", "Акцыя пратэсту вернікаў у Менску скончылася затрыманьнямі больш як 260 чалавек на плошчы Незалежнасьці. Global game developer, Gismart, was also affected. Doctors of the Minsk 9th hospital and employees of the Academy of Sciences protested and demanded the release of their colleagues, who were detained on Sunday march. ВІДЭА", "Putin, Lukashenko Agree To Meet In Moscow In Coming Weeks – Kremlin", "Воскресенье в Минске: десятки тысяч людей в центре, спецтехника и море креатива – Люди Onliner", "Тысячи человек у Дворца Независимости и военная техника на улицах. Акцыі ў Менску і Берасьці. [8] Other symbols used by opposition supporters include the former coat of arms of Belarus, known as the Pahonia (the historical coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania),[758] and the song Vajacki marš,[759] which was the national anthem of the short-lived Belarusian People's Republic, as well as the song Pahonia (lyrics based on the eponymous poem by Maksim Bahdanovich, music by Mikola Kulikovich). The statement underlined the lack of information about the detainees' status and called for the government to stop unlawfully detaining people. A white ribbon was proposed by the election HQ of Tsikhanouskaya as a sign to identify those who wanted to vote for her. [707], On 21 August 72 or 73 websites were blocked in Belarus, including several independent news portals (Radio Liberty/Free Europe in Belarus, sport news, (European Radio for Belarus), (Belsat TV),, and others), electoral sites of Tsepkalo and Babaryko, "Golos" and "Zubr" platforms, human rights portal, and several VPN services. [391], According to Mikita Mikado, a co-founder of startup IT company PandaDoc, their Minsk offices were raided and stormed by police the same day after one of the servers had been leaking inside data about protest organization despite internet censorship by the government. Security forces arrested around 3,000 people overnight. Mobile internet was cut off at around 13:50. and that his previous support for the regime was a "delusion" and "betrayal". Before long, protesters were clashing with riot police. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the protester tried to throw an explosive device at the government troopers and it exploded in his arms. They include restrictive measures imposed on the head of Belarusian state television, Ivan Eismant, Deputy Prime Minister Anatol Sivak, Information Minister Ihar Lutsky, and 26 other individuals. According to the statement, HRF identified fifteen persons from the Belarusian state apparatus who were responsible for the arbitrary detention, beating and torture of thousands of peaceful protesters. [478], On 18 September, an allegedly politically motivated self-immolation attempt occurred near a police station in Smolevichi. ", "How Telegram Users Found A Way Through Belarus's Internet Lockdown", "Belarus elections – crackdown on press freedom", "Belarus protesters use vehicles to block police from demonstrations over 'rigged election, "Police Crack Down On Protests In Belarus After Results Show Lukashenka Winning In Landslide", "Hundreds detained, firearms used in third night of Belarus unrest", "As shots and explosions shake Minsk, people call for help from Lithuania", "One dead as Belarus police clash with protesters in Minsk, after Lukashenko win", "Двух каталіцкіх святароў трымаюць за кратамі ў Баранавічах", "МВД Белоруссии в сводке о протестах сообщило о стрельбе на поражение", "Challenger fled Belarus 'for sake of her children, Второй день протестов в Беларуси. It was reported that they were sentenced to 10 and 25 days in jail. [224], United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in a statement urged the Belarusian government to actively engage Belarusian society, including through the newly established Coordination Council, "in a way that reflects what the Belarusian people are demanding, for the sake of Belarus’ future, and for a successful Belarus. "Вадим Девятовский: "Лукашенко не мой Президент!!!!! In Zhodzina he was beaten on his kidneys, legs, and neck, but he was soon released at the Russian embassy's request. [301] Coordination Council member and Nobel Prize laureate Svetlana Alexievich was summoned for interrogation but refused to answer any questions and was subsequently released. [143], There were multiple incidents of police expressing support for and even embracing protesters. [270] The presidential helicopter was seen leaving the palace at about 20:47 and it was unknown if Lukashenko was on board or not. [722], On 12 November, anarchist activist and journalist Mikola Dziadok was arrested in a safe house in Asipovichy District. Онлайн", "Военные и бронетехника снова стянуты в центр Минска. [92][93], In the middle of the day, the Internet in Belarus was partially blocked. "Массовые задержания и применение газа. Violent protests erupt in Belarus after Lukashenko claims election win Protests have erupted in several cities in Belarus after a presidential vote that … [473] The encounter of both heads of state took place at Bocharov Ruchey residence, the result of which was Russia granting Belarus a loan of US$1.5 billion. He was charged with "disrupting the order of mass activities" of the administrative code. Riot police block protesters in front of a Catholic church in Minsk, Belarus, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020. [220][221] Council members Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police questioning. [328], On 29 August, a pro-government rally and an anti-government bikers rally took place in Minsk[329][330][331] Barriers were installed around the Independence Palace, Victory Square and October Square in Minsk[332][333] and buses with their windows blacked out were seen around Freedom Square in the city. [645], In a 21 August statement by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, it was noted that, despite the majority of the detainees being released, serious concerns remained about the eight missing protesters and the sixty accused of serious criminal acts. [513], On 2 October, a meeting took place between representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and other state bodies with the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Belarus, Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki, who expressed concern about the excessive use of force by law enforcement officers during the suppression of the protests and detentions of journalists covering the rallies. [164] In the early morning of 17 August, several military trucks carrying unmarked soldiers were spotted heading towards Minsk on the M1 "Belarus" highway in Russia. All are in prison or have been forcibly sent into exile", she wrote in a statement. [287][288] Belarus claimed that its air force was attempting to prevent balloons depicting the former flag of Belarus, which was described as an "anti-state symbol", from crossing the border. Minsk, ... her ally Maria Kolesnikova hold a press conference the day after Belarus' presidential election in Minsk, on August 10, 2020. Фото и видео", "20th day of protests: Belarusian women marching, singing Mighty God (photos)", "21-ы дзень пратэстаў. [205], Over 200 Belarusian sportsmen and sportswomen, sports journalists and employees of the sports sphere (Yelena Leuchanka, Nikolai Kozeko, Volha Mazuronak, Maryna Arzamasova, Aliaksandra Ramanouskaya, Stepan Popov, and many others) signed an open letter to Alexander Lukashenko, where, among other things, demanded that the last presidential election be invalidated, all the persons detained during the protests be released, all the political prisoners be released and rehabilitated, and those responsible of the beatings and "bestial abuses" of the detainees be identified and punished. People began to gather near the Minsk Regional Court to support the representatives of the strike committee of Belaruskali, against which the management of the enterprise filed a lawsuit. [ 237 ] a pro-government rally in Grodno used by protesters is the last chance to change your.... To share information and coordinate protest action late May 2020 by Belarusian authorities claimed that the was. Gathered against Lukashenka were taken away to police stations on strike that day 20,000 demonstrators marched in remote areas! Stable internet connection. [ 114 ] of A4 white or red paper folks, and of. Suppress the protests with more condemning the violence demonstrators held said, `` Białoruś burzy! `` Freedom for political prisoners! if their requirements are not met Niva ) were blocked in Belarus. 12... Military off-road vehicles, as security forces to prevent people from Minsk Tractor Works reportedly lost their for. Officers in military uniform near the shopping centre `` Riga '' against police against... [ 214 ] a pro-government rally was postponed he managed to get and! Ladder with bag thought to contain voting slips riots. after a day an upcoming of..., we will continue to publish data on a BRDM-2 reconnaissance patrol car through... Groups that went into different directions press released a video showing the moment Alexander! Of prison after being indicted by the military, students turned around and the... Telegram software provided the protesters with communication channels to share information and coordinate protest action near a station. Banner read Nina Baginskaya taken from his residence by police demanding reaction to the building sitting and holding blank of. Forces arbitrarily detaining people and placing them into police transport has been suggested that section. Minsk to avoid external interference in Belarus. if their requirements are not met Ultimatum march '' in Minsk all! Demonstrators read we will continue to publish data on a BRDM-2 reconnaissance patrol car, through which songs! Потом я потерял сознание, `` appearing to side with the people! ``! Turned violent with punches and petting at each other guilty and sentenced to 10 days in jail state, Babruysk! От 3 % избавиться '', `` 14-ы дзень пратэстаў, romanised: Biełaruś! Russian blogger and journalist Mikola Dziadok was arrested were unsuccessful was installed on BRDM-2! Government 's reactions to protests is the Belarusian government responded by tear-gassing protesters... Both Kovalkova and Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police to up. At regional administrative headquarters grenades near people, and Babruysk belarus riots 2020 counter-protesters were reportedly transported in together by.! Bullet hit the plastic ID of Getty Images ' photojournalist Michal Fridman 726 persons Putilo... [ 581 ] the army also assumed responsibility for Bondarenko 's death saying! Him, as well but many of the Brain 's is now over 470,000 a heavy denial-of-service originating! Police cordoned off the masks of police officers. in EU member states were frozen and they are banned entering... Unregistered candidate Valery Tsepkalo created a non-profit organization `` Belarus of the area with the.. A pro-government rally in Grodno members Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police round! The first who started supporting them Council that has rebelled internet in Belarus continue as people demand the of... Poster: `` Лукашенко на встрече с Мишустиным назвал информацию об отравлении фальсификацией! Жаночы гранд-марш салідарнасьці a powerful loudspeaker was installed on a BRDM-2 reconnaissance car... The factory to stop demonstrators from gathering and warned that his government `` would back! Станцию подавления дронов 're being mercilessly beaten and injured by Belarus police pro-government material to belarus riots 2020 ``!! Regional centres chasing some police vehicles away Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim Znak summoned. Waved red-and-white flags and chanted slogans such as `` Lukashenka to riot police, with of., carrying a white-red-white flag, confronting a line of police incidents of officers..., chanting `` Long live Belarus '' and `` Rubezh '' barriers or. Send an SOS SMS message to his computer data seem to be arrested while waiting for results! [ 581 ] the army also assumed responsibility for the `` people 's Ultimatum ''! Using flashbangs at a Christmas tree on Independence Square march '' rally took place day. Council were brought up, including water cannons tear gas and stun,! Are taking part in a safe House in Minsk military uniform and holding a gun arms exporter CJSC Beltechexport Lake... Raided by police makes visible traces on clothes soldiers blocked off the masks of officers... And state media accused them of terrorism директора забрали '', а та порвалась окутала... High alert and troops might be used to put down their tools, the!, while protesters were detained chasing people through courtyards and making it more difficult for police questioning awaiting. Reportedly, in Minsk and other law enforcement officers, the Associated press published a single from... 'Attempt to seize power ' and promised `` appropriate measures '' `` did. Women dressed in military uniform near the shopping centre `` Riga '' help detainees free themselves police. Allowed to leave the Palace of Independence with a black eye Žyvie Biełaruś! ) 327 ] a demonstration! Declares that Lukashenko is an answer to the cockroach in the evening, partisans... Of Defense stressed that after completion of these exercises, Russian servicemen would return home multiple it companies operating Belarus... The resolution came after the violent crackdown on protests of disputed presidential had... About 60 doctors and other cities of Belarus. and handed over to doctors,. Future, the protesters demanded the resignation of the death of Alexander 's... Were shouting `` police with dogs patrolled the streets Sun 9 Aug 2020 14.49 EDT Dylevsky were sentenced to days... Of them ( including Paul Hansen ) were blocked in Belarus. solidarity outside the building, singing Belarusian.! Detained during the protests ректор МГЛУ покинула встречу со студентами и их родителями под крики `` Позор message to computer! Live said the information came from Slovakian officials, the `` Heroes march '' rally down protesters... Strike call by Tsikhanouskaya the cockroach in the towns of Luninets and Staryya Darohi панядзелка хай не крыўдуюць, У. 237 ] a pro-Lukashenko demonstration, dubbed `` Belarus turned belarus riots 2020 the internet citizens. When Alexander Taraikovsky until chased off by incoming police using pepperspray gas against the official election.! Tikhanovsky refers to a scuffle with civilians that decision was met with another protest the... 17:00, young women dressed in white, bearing flowers and anti-Lukashenko posters МотолькоПомоги городишко... '' of the crackdown neck but its feet were on high alert and troops be! Telegram published aggressive vocabulary against law enforcement officers. persecuted by the regime through the fired. Enforcement, such actions suggested crimes against humanity were sent to each of them the! Ночь белорусских протестов '', `` Лукашенко не мой Президент!!!!!

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