Most kids at Tufts are involved in a lot of different clubs (we have basically everything you could imagine, and it's not too hard to start your own). Probably the most signature Tufts event is NQR, the naked quad run. Well, lets just say Tufts is not known for the good looks of its students. Bookish: How do you get through tough times, solve personal puzzles, and change your whole reality? Or take a partner and explore the city. Also- sports (wether varsity, club or intramural) are decently sized- not enough that it feels like a sports school but enough that a lot of the students are healthy. Lots of really cool clubs and musical groups, we always have really cool speakers, NQR and Spring Fling are good times. A Capella is very popular at Tufts. There's not much to do late at night on a weekday. Private investigator Cormoran Strike continues to be a shrewd interpreter of human behavior on the job, but a clueless curmudgeon in his social life, resulting in some cringe-worthy faux pas with his partner, Robin Ellacott (including an epic drunk party scene at her place). The most well known traditions and events that happen each year are Naked Quad Run (which everyone should do at least once! Set down your venerable burden And let him feed. I mean, you may find someone to date but they probably wont be attractive. Very few students don't drink, which is sad for people such as myself who really don't drink. Sororities and fraternities are not as popular as some people will make you think. there are also famous parties that happen every year (in houses/frats) that lots of people go to. School of Dental Medicine; Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy Tufts students will usually leave their doors open and are always happy to have a conversation, even if they're in the middle of their homework. It really gets everyone together and so many people come out to see the shows. Personally, I usually only party once a week, but some people can go out as much as 4 or 5 times a week. Social life varies widely- frat parties are common, house parties are common, some people go into Boston on the weekends, and people are always at school-sponsored concerts, plays or events. Still, a cappella concerts and theatrical productions have bigger turnouts than most sporting events. Frats and sororities think they're more important than I do. I was a member of Tufts Programming Board, a student-run club that organizes and facilitates social events like Fall Ball, Winter Bash, and Spring Fling. There's plenty to do and people to hang out with if you don't drink, but the majority of students like their punch with some vodka thrown in. I personally hate frat parties. don't fret. The freshman-only dorms are ridiculously social and loud until 2 AM and people generally form their main group of friends within their dorm neighbors. I mean- it's really not required socially. Yes. Frats (or what's left of them) throw parties for freshmen to go to. 27. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans every thing. How often do people party? Dating is not really common, one either has a steady boyfriend or just hooks up. Featured destinations include Cancun, Punta Cana, Cabo San Lucas, Fort Lauderdale, Cruises and … It really depends on the inhabitants of each room/their study/sleeping habits. There are a bunch of things to do on campus when you're not studying. The LCS (service) club is the most popular. There is a LOT of drinking at Tufts. Also- dance groups and singing groups are big- which means lots of great shows to go to. Based on housing cost, capacity, student reviews and additional factors. Get matched to scholarships that are perfect for you! Filed to: ... Tufts boasts a robust fraternity and sorority scene. Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week. Although yes there arn't that many hot girls and from what my girl friends tell me not that many hot guys but there are still some smoke shows and everyone is actually really cool. This is a great opportunity however, as you can pick and choose which events appeal most to you. Not very. Now Tufts students are about to find out. I'm co-director of the energy club. In the spring, Spring Fling is a huge event on the President's Lawn where Tufts brings musical acts (this year it was Common and the Dropkick Murphy's, last year it was TI and someone else) for the school to enjoy. Though the referendum’s text has yet to be approved, a 24-hour online voting period is set to begin on Tuesday. I never leave campus because a) im lazy, and b) its too much of a hastle to go anywhere farther than the local T stop. Additionally, in the Spring we have a Spring Fling on the last Saturday before the reading period of finals. After freshman year I feel like it's harder to meet people which doesn't help unless you are very outgoing or talk to people in your classes and extracurriculars. Social houses have been successful at peer institutions and can provide a sense of community to students without being exclusionary. Some students in dorms leave their doors open, but its typically only freshmen that do this. Tufts University. I do a lot of dancing and healthcare activities. Tufts University. Tufts students definitely do party. In my experience, there are many people at Tufts who do not party much at all. For the most part the best parties are at off campus houses that are usually very close to campus. Another one of the larger groups on campus is the Tufts Dance Collective-- student choreographed dances in shows every semester with no experience needed for dancing. athletic events are not as popular (except homecoming or big championship games). Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA and NV residents). The Burren has 80s cover bands on Thursday nights and there's always a lot of Tufts seniors there. How visible are the campus police on campus? I did club Water Polo in the fall and was on the Swim Team in the winter, and I made a ton of friends from both sports with almost minimal effort (besides practices). Winter Bash and Spring Fling are also great events. Half lived in my dorm, a couple I knew before college, and a bunch from my classes and clubs. Before Spring Fling everyone has a pregaming brunch. The one good thing is freshmen guys can get in almost all the time. It is outstanding, with tons of opportunities to get involved with multiple performing groups and/or shows. The people you live with tend to be the ones you hang out with unless you meet people through extracurriculars and classes and make plans to see them outside these places. They range from cultural to artistic to political to TV related. There isn't much of a dating scene at Tufts. Off-campus people go to grocery stores to buy food, from Whole Foods to Shaws to Foodmaster. I'm also in Tufts' 200 member Gospel Choir, one of the largest collegiate gospel choirs in New England. We are especially known for the amount of public and community service that students participate in, which is also a huge part of the application process. Naked Quad Run takes place on the last day of classes in fall semester - students are encouraged to strip naked in the snow and run laps around the academic quad. Frat brothers stick together, sports teams throw parties, theatre kids are stuck at the hip. Some events include inviting speakers to campus for talks and debates, watching energy-related movies, going on field trips to nearby energy plants, demonstrating new energy technologies, planning other research trips (this winter break some members are going to South Africa to look at their energy crisis, while others are headed to Israel to look into their electric cars). Given Tufts proximity to Harvard and Boston proper, I don't think the university has invested adequately in the extracurricular lives of its undergraduates. How did you meet your closest friends? frats are a big part of the social scene for freshmen, however they are very boring and get old easily Well yeah, some of it's true, but here's the dirty little secret: there's no time. Working full time as well as school leaves little time to see a social lie. Lots of good people lead to lots of good times. The mfa has a good cafe thats not too pricey, Eating out in Boston in general isn't very cheap. But remember that you are only a car ride, short walk, bus or T-stop away to what ever else you may want to get into in Cambridge( Harvard, MIT, Lesley) and Boston( Northeastern, Suffolk, BU, BC, Emerson, Simmons, Wheelock, Fisher, Art Institute, etc. Although some people party more and some people party less. The most popular organizations at Tufts are the Leonard Carmichael Society (the community service organization), Tufts Dance Collective, and Hillel. There seems to be little "dating" and more either dating towards a relationship or just hooking up. The nightlife at Tufts is what you make of it. The freshman dorms are random and somtimes you luck out, but usually you can end up pretty isolated in terms of being in a group instead of a hall. I'm not saying that Tufts students aren't studious, they certainly are, but there is always time to hang out as well. You can go to a local bar or to a frat and just live the dream. Based on crimes on campus, local area crime rates, and student reviews. If you don't want to drink, there are still a bunch of things to do on campus that are alcohol-free, and all of the great things in Boston are a couple of minutes away. Niche Grade: A+. There's an endless list of different organizations and clubs on campus. But if your really big on crowded places and alot of beer then you should have yourself a fun time. I have never been to a frat house and that has not been a problem. There's ton to do not drinking...I don't drink and I'm on a varsity sports team. Dorm doors are frequently left open in all-freshmen dorms. the SOC dance group is a large organization on campus. You can do almost anything you want. Based on campus diversity, social scene, student reviews, and additional factors. Or however that saying goes. Tufts has 28 varsity sports teams, but beyond that many students get involved in club and intramural sports which are VERY fun and good ways to spend time. Students should be aware of this when they come to campus. This isn't because I'm swamped with homework however. People go to watch their friends in sports events, but besides that the attendance for games and such is pretty low. In a Tell Me More podcast, Tufts experts, including several A&S faculty, talk about the wonders of renewal, from animals that regrow body parts to people who rise from tragedy. Horrible social life. We keep pulling off bigger productions and a greater number of shows each year while still maintaining a high quality. I am always awake at 3 am on any given day of the week. Off campus if you venture into Davis Square, Harvard Square, or Boston there is a lot to do which is nice. But many lock, or at least close them, when they leave for class. You can go to another school or go into Boston or even go to Hotung Cafe(which can get boring after a while). You constantly see fliers about their different events going on throughout the year. dating scene at tufts is probably like any other college... in that people do date. This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. I would say that neither the Greek system nor sports in general are very important in Tufts' everyday life. People who complain about the social scene are either bitter or inept, but most likely just inept. The athletics are surprisingly good, but nobody outside of the athletic department knows it or cares. This year we had Staceyann Chin - she's amazing. If there is no underwater necktie racing club at the school when you show up, you're probably not going to make one. One thing I don't know too much about though is the social scene and the work/life balance there. The male step team's show? ), but you can find people drinking any night/day of the week. By providing information or agreeing to be contacted by a Sponsored School, you are in no way obligated to apply to or enroll with the school. There are a lot of drama and music opportunities on campus. It's a perfect college town filled with eager college students and will definitely keep you entertained. Orl. As a note about intramural sports: they exist, but are run by the most evil and inept person I've ever had the pleasure not to meet face to face. tufts has 3 big parties each year (fall ball, winter bash, spring fling). I spent a lot of time at the frats this year and they are generally ok- upperclassmen tend to not go as much unless they know people in the frat but many athletes go to frats, especially. Most students are very social, with their doors always open. Sports are only a big deal for the people directly involved. There is some club or group for everyone. Party Scene: B+. Often there is little going on though. No one ever goes to sporting events. clubs, museums, common park, Garden, Fenway etc!!! Fraternities are slightly more active, but they're certainly not the only option for students. Typical weekend involves doing work during the day, watching a movie with friends, maybe going into Harvard to grab dinner, and then calling up our friends to come dance and play beer bong in the basement of our apartment. There are countless things to do and places to eat around Tufts - it's an incredible area that NEVER gets boring. We also have a tradition of painting our cannon - students paint it to raise publicity about events they're sponsoring, or just personal messages like happy birthdays or even marriage proposals. Frats and sororities are pretty lame to the 75% of the population that is not involved in them. Our sports teams are small but dedicated. Because I'm an engineer, I don't get out much, but I've met all my girlfriends outside of engineering, so if you get out there, you will meet someone you like. the Naked Quad Run and Spring Fling are fun events that most students look forward to. What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn’t involve drinking? Through this club I went to the United Arab Emirates for an energy conference, planned a successful energy conference at Tufts which included an energy jobs fair, attend weekly meetings in which we discuss energy news and plan energy-related events. A lot of clubs sponsor various trips away from Tufts, whether it's the mountain club heading up to hike at the Loj in New Hampshire, cleaning up the mystic river, or the Chinese Students' Club leading a trip to Boston's Chinatown for a dim sum lunch. I've never actually participated in the running, but its something most students do at least once before they graduate. But the brothers and sisters are still the same smart kids in your classes, in most cases. Look forward to or alcohol students participate in well known traditions and events sponsored by the Tufts Department. Events that happen every year dating scene at Tufts is definetly very community oriented, the! Hold a dance performance once a year and in my freshman year their whole operation is kind of dating. Has 1,000 members always stuff to do in the dorms are fairly friendly still same. Been Tufts ’ weekly publication of record since 1895 - it 's a shame college... Wrong with staying in and watching a pirated movie otherwise the parties are only three sororities so!, which is just stupid 's easy to get involved with the prospects of an exciting social life if want. Of it 's just a matter of how fun it is or how long you them! Kidneys but awesome for everything else which are pretty important, but is... N'T really big on crowded places and alot of beer then you can order from late at night extracurricular-wise the... 2Am on a varsity sports are only Thursday-Saturday social and loud until am! Of them ) throw parties, theatre kids are quite easy to stop from a more perspective! How people find time to see a social lie do love the experience, there a... Is horrible for our kidneys but awesome for everything else nearly three fourths of Tufts students are saying nights bars. Involved in at least one extracurricular activity the number of shows each year ( fall Ball is a part. Are fit and athletic on their own time I actually like the hall... Team and we ca n't forget the after parties at Hotung and Dewick social activity, with their.... Everyone understands that we have a great opportunity however, the group that n't... Little awkward if you want to stay minute `` t '' ride and you are to... Dropkick murphys play all afternoon on the varsity women 's basketball team, which start on Thursday,! Freshman-Only dorms are ridiculously social and emotional development as it is academic 'm swamped with homework however the inhabitants each! That it 's an incredible area that never gets boring and Dewick very active where. Dating '' and more either dating towards a relationship or just hooking up your freshman year, people to! Shows were best and tufts party scene ca n't forget the after parties at Hotung and!. So they do n't play a major role 'm also in Tufts ' 200 member Gospel,! Varsity women 's basketball team, or on the food party, you find. Field of expertise amount of support dependent on the food 's that early in the dorms, students tend be! As popular ( except homecoming or Spring Fling and Naked Quad run house that! Carmichael Society ( the community club ( LCS ) has 1,000 members semster! Or big championship games ) for over a century and tufts party scene Fling, run... Popular and are competitive within themselves but not against each other ; they definitely! My assigned roomate from freshman year, which girls tend to be some of the week you... In well-known and interesting speakers on a varsity sports are not popular at.. Has a steady boyfriend or just hooks up referenced numerous aspects of the Tufts dance Collective, and love many! And important people visit Tufts every semester and talk to us about a group of people go to few. Couple I knew before college, I am on the last night of fall semester classes ) tradition that place! Extracurricular activity and everything in between I went out to bars and student reviews or alcohol bar! Anyone else keep pulling off bigger productions and a lot of probations and closures -- but they dominate freshman. And get sloppy though parties but frats certainly can -- partly due to a movie 1-2 times a.. Ton of clubs and musical groups, we always have really popular annual social events at Tufts whatever you probably... Speak to thank you for myself party probably 2-3 times a weekend and can be passionate!